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Why I Am Running for Board of Education?

As a parent of a current and a future D155 student, I have a vested interest in ensuring that D155 schools provide an excellent education to all students in a safe, respectful, and supportive environment.  Like many, we moved to the Crystal Lake area, in part, due to the fact that the area schools had a good reputation.  I hope to help D155 build upon what it does well, continue to evaluate where it can do better, and seek change where necessary to provide a 21st century education.

I firmly believe every single kid has strengths AND challenges.  Strengths may be academic, social, creative, or athletics.  Challenges may come from learning or other disabilities, belonging to an underrepresented group, mental health conditions, or problems at home (death or illness of a family member, strained relationships with family members, etc.).  I believe our goal as individuals and as a district should be to help students build and capitalize on their strengths and support them in their challenges, whatever they may be.  D155 should not be solely responsible for this endeavor; it requires the dedicated involvement of families and the community.  But, D155 must think holistically about these issues because if a student does not feel safe, respected, and supported, the student will not be able to be learn to their fullest potential.

I want to see D155 build on its good reputation and continue to advance academic excellence for all students based on their needs.  In order to prepare students for the world they will enter after graduation, D155 must ensure that it is providing a 21st century education.  This requires continuous evaluation to determine what needs to be done new or differently based on research, science and best practices relating to education. Further, we must invest in our curriculum to ensure we are providing a balanced presentation of facts, theories, opinions and skills, while training students to analyze and think critically about that information.  We also must invest in training and development for our teachers, counselors, and staff so they are well positioned to help students develop their strengths, support and address their challenges, and inspire and empower their passions.  As the Crystal Lake, Prairie Grove, Cary and Fox River Grove area continues to grow and evolve, we must ensure that D155 does not become complacent but pushes to provide a 21st century education that values individuals and academic excellence.

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